The Reward Foundation offers a pioneering approach to love, sex and relationship education

The best experience we can offer one another and the children in our care, is love.

Whatever a person’s sexual identity, orientation or practice, it is important to know ‘what makes us tick’ and how to get the best we can out of life.

Through accessible material based on the latest research in neuroscience and psychology, we’d like to inform you about how people are experiencing love in the modern world today and the challenges posed by technology.

Masterfully designed internet apps and websites are targeting our deepest desires. Novel attractions promise that something better is ‘just around the corner’, if we just keep searching for long enough. We are being hooked by the best brains in the business for their financial benefit. But at what cost to us?

Our goal is to support you to deal with the big questions affecting you and the young people in your care:

1. What is love? One of the most searched for questions.

2. How does internet pornography affect mental health, physical wellbeing, learning and relationships? What are the legal implications?

3. Why is the adolescent brain especially sensitive to internet pornography?

4. What remedies are available to help restore balance and build resilience?

The Reward Foundation aims to provide as much free, independent, evidence-based information as possible through the website. We also present at seminars and conferences. The team are busy doing research and developing materials that can be used in schools and at home. We also offer consulting services to organisations working with adolescents.


Technology makes the creation and transmission of sexually arousing images available to anyone with a smartphone, including your child. The rise in the reporting of sex crime and the ‘zero tolerance’ approach by the police and prosecution service have resulted in a record number of cases being prosecuted.
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Young people today seem glued to their smartphones. Too much screen time, especially late at night, can cause a variety of problems. Some become simply “wired and tired,” too exhausted to pay attention at school, college or work; others develop mental and physical health problems. For unwary individuals, it can also lead to unexpected visits from the police. Love, sex, porn and Learning >>


“What is love?” is one of the most searched for terms in search engines. The conclusion of the Grant Study, a seventy-five year-long research survey at Harvard University, was that “happiness is love”. It showed that warm relationships are the best basis for health, wealth and a long life. By contrast, addiction, depression and neurosis are the biggest hurdles to this blessed state. Understanding the risks around internet porn use is important if we want to avoid addiction and find love instead.
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Healthcare professionals report growing numbers of psychiatric and neurodevelopmental disorders in young people today. The fact that many of the symptoms may be due to internet addiction is only slowly being revealed. A recently published Review on internet addictions by Love T states “Regarding Internet addiction, neuroscientific research supports the assumption that underlying neural processes are similar to substance addiction.” The good news is that with a better understanding of how the brain changes in relation to experience, many people can recover. Love, sex, porn and Health >>


We are born without an instruction manual on how we operate. That is not very helpful. So it makes sense to start learning more about how our brain works. Although the brain is the most complex system in the known universe… do not let that put you off. Just like the anatomy of any other organ, the anatomy of the brain becomes much clearer and more meaningful when we examine it in light of the evolutionary processes that created it.
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Internet porn offers a hyperstimulating cocktail of endless sexual arousal available for free, 24/7, wherever there is fast internet. There are several steps in Quitting Porn. First, you need to recognise if there is a current or potential problem. Second, you need to find a way to stop. This means getting rid of all your porn and to break the links that supply it. Third you need to find alternative activities to strengthen your mind and body and social life. How to Quit Porn >>